I thought what I’d do was, I’d pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes. That way I wouldn’t have to have any goddam stupid useless conversations with anybody. If anybody wanted to tell me something, they’d have to write it on a piece of paper and shove it over to me. They’d get bored as hell doing that after a while, and then I’d be through with having conversations for the rest of my life. Everybody’d think I was just a poor deaf-mute bastard and they’d leave me alone …

J.D. Salinger (Catcher in the Rye)

if I were blind you would be the braille

and i’d read between the lines

part the lines between heaven,

earth and hell

where we exist beyond existence

and I’m convinced that God must be a poet

creating a work of art

of which I can peel back the layers

to your inner most beauty

written in your DNA, a genetic poetic composition of double helix strands

infinite in its meaning, an undying flame



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